Hello friends, Here discuss simple step or method which is very useful for student or any reader who is complain for forget after time and not recall in exam, daily life task and other specific time.

    Daily life task we do lots of things in daily basis but we could not remember all things. We remember only such things which is special moment or surprise or other like accident happen with you or your near one.


I am specifically discuss for students who are prepare for exam like school, college and other exam. Who face more and more face problems in memories theory, formula, and maths solving problem. Due to this students stress level is enhance. In stress condition students forgot whatever read effectively. Further, students stress is increase due to more forgot theory.  


Here discuss, Solution of reading method of books, Subjects, and theory effectively. 

    But, in case of reading for student or study people very difficult to remember all subject detail for long time or specific time of exam or after it. Those student or people I am recommended one simple method for memories for long time.

 Simple 4 easy step

1 Step: 

    you just read topic very first time for 2-3 time after it you understand topic by your teacher or guide or your fellow with detail notes and any query if you have then discuss with your teacher or guide. Make notes of specific word which is most important in topic or theory. You read this topic after 24 hr or next day and make simple word from this topic. If you want to memories for long time, you teach this theory or topic other friend and student.

2 Step: 

    You again revision it after one week, Keep in mind this you don't have to read all topic just read simple word or notes which is make in step 1

3 Step: 

    You again revision it after one month. You also try one other game of memory. Before revise notes you just take pen and write whatever you have memory. After written it, you check what is missing. you revise topic.

4 Step: 

    After complete of one month reading you read it after 3 or 4 month on base of your memories power.

    This is simple method of reading. You practice regular. After some time you brain memory power increase. It help you for better memories things.

    This method you follow for six month your memories improve and work very good for self-study & understanding for other topic also. Once you get command in this method you need follow only two easy step. One is reading & make simple word and read after one month those simple word

    this is best method for memories long time which is I am using more than 12 yr. You have any query or question regarding this then ask me. I am always happy to help you.

    This is all about mind activity please follow step more and more for better results.  

Share information with all your friends and relatives. 

Your best comment is require for better improvement.

Thank you so much

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